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Saturday, 27 October 2012

*Cousin's Night Out !*

Location : Mc Donald 
Time : 1.00 a.m until 4.00 a.m

It's really a wonderful moment ever when we can spend time with our cousins ! lagi-2 sejak masing-2 dah further higher study nih, susah betul nk jumpe .. yelaa cuti dah tak same kan :) bkn cm zmn sekolah dulu .. hehe 

Kitorg semua dh buat keje gila pd satu mlm yg hening bila kitog berborak sampai tk egt dunia mlm tuu :) smpai 4 pagi baq ang ! hahaha .. balik pon sbb mama dah call n tanya kitorg kt mne .. hehe .. kitorg bincang psl family, tmpt study, crush ! hehehe :D n mcm-2 lagiii .. 

Here are some photos captured  <3

me, sherry

babe, nurul

K-pop lover ! hehe

beauty ~ ^O^

Yes, We are cousins ! and We love each other ! hehe :) hope we can hang out together again next time, yaaa

* Abg Long, Nurul, Sherry, Baby, Akak @ Kak Ah, Me @ Kak Ema *

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