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Friday, 22 June 2012

Make A Wish Comes True ..... :')

Assalamu'alaikum, readers .. :)

Sempena my 19th belated birthday, tibe-2 inspired pulakk nak buat azam .. hehe :) azam bukan masa new year jea .. new age ponn kne ade azam jugak I guess .. hehe . nak tgok kite dah ade goal or target belum for our PRECIOUS future .. <3

Firstly, and also obviously, I want to finish my study .. Degree, in sya Allah .. do pray for my success, kayy .. Master ? Still thinking 'bout it .. PHD ?? we'll figure it out when the time comes .. ngee :D

still have a number of years to go .. :)

Then, after finish all level of my studies, the first thing i wanna do is to have JOB .. :) my ambitions are in the Economy and Accounting field .. which one I deserve the most, will be based on the final result in my studies .. I'll try my very best for sure .. in sya Allah ..

 I <3 making money .. or even count them :D

And about this one of the pillar of Islam .. by God's will, I want to perform my Hajj before i get married <3 ..  It will depends on my economy situation on that time .. but this is really my dream ..

         Makkah Al-Mukarramah .. ^__^
<3 Islam Is For All The World <3

After that, only I'll think about marriage ......... B-)

I did not ask for a spectacular ceremony .. Just in moderation and memorable enough to be remembered for the rest of our life .. ^^

It's when the 'Aku Terima Nikahnya.......' words will be pronounced by him .. :)

 In sya Allah .. ^^

Honeymoon ?? Child ?? BIARLAH RAHSIA .... hehehe :'D

And house of our dreams is .......

this is it .. a bungalow .. :) if we do not afford, terrace or any other comfortable houses will be fine for us .. Full House <3 *it's my wants actually .. hee :D
 We will work hard for this .. ehem ! >.< 

Now, car of our dreams .. ohh ! I've been persuaded my parents for years to have this car .. but ~ :(

So ! I decided to get this car by myself since my parents will buy Proton Saga for me, i guess .. bcoz they already gave the hint 'bout that .. hoho ..

This is my BABY ! sooner or later .. hehe ..

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo <3 Wait for me ya !!

Well, I also wish to have this car for our family ...... :D

Toyota Alphard <3 very comfort enough for a family .. :)

That's all .. :) hehe .. hope Allah will grant my wish .. Aminn ~ :')

So, hbu ? for sure you all have your own wishes and dreams rite ? Let's share ! It's my pleasure, really :D

See ya again then,

Assalamu'alaikum ..


  1. Amboi.. banyak nya impian.. besar2 lak tu.. xpela, yg penting usaha la ke arah tu ye ^_^

    1. Hehehe :D انشالله.. thanks, bro .. :)